8. How much does the program cost?


The following figures show costs for typical students enrolling our program. These figures should only serve as a guide to the expenses for foreign students to attend the Law School.

Rent/Utilities/Food – The highest amount to pay for on-campus dormitory (a single room with private bathroom, air-conditioner, color television, and utilities-included) is RMB 80 per day. Food expense per day is around RMB 30 if the students have each meal at the university cafeterias.

Medical - Students should either 1.) get all necessary insurance (medical and others) before arriving at China or 2.) purchase insurance during program registration through the Ping An Insurance Company of China. The Accident Insurance cost is 1 academic year 12 month coverage RMB 800 yuan. The insurance covers: SARS treatment; Emergency medical treatment, regular medical treatment, and hospital stay, etc. For further information on this insurance, please contact the Ping An Insurance Company of China Beijing office customer service 8610-82003019. If your insurance has expired, please renew it according to your stay in China.