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LLM Program Application Procedure as an International Student

Application Schedule

 8:00 AM Oct 15, 2022——17:00 PM Mar 1,2023

Application Documents

Please upload all the listed documents below to the application system:: Grad admission website

  • 1.Personal statement.

  • Applicants should submit a Personal Statement. (The Personal Statement should be filled out in accordance with the requirements of university template) Click here for template

  • 2.Degree certificate and degree authentication.

  • Applicants should submit their Bachelor's degree certificate.The degree diploma awarded by overseas universities should be authenticated by Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange, Ministry of Education, P.R.China.The degree diploma awarded by universities of Chinese mainland should be authenticated by Center for Student Services and Development, Ministry of Education, P.R.China(CSSD).

    Applicants who will not graduate before the application deadline shall provide the expected graduation certificate first, and the degree diploma and degree authentication must be submitted before registration. (Applicants who have graduated are required to provide the degree authentication at the same time.The authentication and the original degree diploma should be combined into one PDF file and uploaded to the application system.)

  • 3.Academic transcript.

  • Applicants should submit the academic transcript of their undergraduate study. Doctoral degree program applicants should submit academic transcripts of both graduate and undergraduate studies.Applicants who will not graduate before the application deadline shall provide their current academic transcript.In this case,the completed academic transcript must be submitted before registration.

  • 4.Academic recommendation letters.

  • Two academic recommendation letters from scholars who hold the title of associate professor or higher, or senior professionals in a related academic field. Please follow the instructions on the online system for submission of online recommendation letters or upload the recommendation letters signed by references.

  • 5.Passport information page (ordinary passport).Individual who previously held Chinese nationality and subsequently acquired foreign nationality are required to provide either a Certificate of Cancellation of Chinese Household Registration (Hukou) or a Certificate of Non-Chinese Nationality issued by a Chinese diplomatic mission/consulate.

Required Qualifications of Applicants

  • 1.Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens with a valid passport.

  • 2.Applicants should have a Bachelor's degree or an equivalent degree to a Bachelor's degree (or above) in China. In principle,the degree diploma awarded by overseas universities should be authenticated by Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange, Ministry of Education, P.R.China.

  • 3.Applicants should be in good health and of good character(meet the physical examination requirements stipulated by the country and the THU), be well-behaved and be willing to abide by China's laws and regulations, as well as Tsinghua's rules.

  • 4.Our program aims at those who are either current law graduates or students, or practicing lawyers. An applicant must meet the following requirements:(1) J.D., LL.B. or equivalent law degree;(2)Enrollment in a J.D. program; or(3)Qualification to practice law.

Application Remarks

  • 1.Applicants are required to submit scanned images of all required documents at the time of application. All uploaded documents should be in Chinese or in English; otherwise notarial translations in Chinese or English are required. Once translated, the original documents and certified translations should be submitted together to the application system.

  • 2.Please scan the original or notarized application documents in color using a scanner. Images captured by mobile phone or camera are not acceptable. Scans of copies are also not acceptable.

  • 3.The application fee must be paid at the time the application is submitted. (It cannot be covered by the Chinese Government Scholarship). Please apply online and pay the application fee in a safe place. THU is not responsible for any losses caused by your own operation errors or the leakage of your online payment account and password. Please consider carefully before paying the application fee online. If you cannot finish the application due to various reasons, the paid application fee will not be refunded. Regardless of whether the application is successful or not, the application fee is not refundable.

  • 4.Applications with incomplete documents or without application fee payment will not be processed.

    Applicants shouldtake the initiative to understand the application procedures and application requirements before applying.The applicant will be responsible for any consequences arising from failure to complete the application process as required.

  • 5.THU has the right to require applicants to provide original/notarized copies of application materials or certification documents issued by a designated certification body for further inspection.

  • 6.As some countries' higher education systems are very different from the Chinese system, applicants from different education systems should refer to THU’s online application website for reference.

  • 7.None of the above application documents will be returned.

  • 8.If the higher-level department issues a new policy, THU will make corresponding adjustments.

  • 9.Applicants must ensure that the application information,application materials,degree certificate and degree authentication provided are true and accurate. If the admissions unit or certification department verifies that anything in the application is not true, the application, admission or study qualification will be cancelled.

  • 10.Applicants who are found to be in breach of academic ethics, professional ethics, honesty and trustworthiness, etc., will not be admitted or admission/study qualification will be cancelled after this breach has been verified.

  • 11.The relevant information, documents and messages that the THU Graduate Admissions Office and relevant departments / schools publish or send to applicants through websites, phone calls, emails, text messages, etc. are deemed to have been delivered. All consequences caused by the applicant’s personal negligence and other reasons shall be borne by the applicant himself/herself.

  • Note: None of the above application documents will be returned.