Message from the Dean

Thank you for your interest in the Juris Master (LL.M.) program in Chinese Law at Tsinghua University School of Law. Tsinghua University School of Law was originally established in 1929, and Legal education was formally conducted until 1952. The Law School was reestablished in 1995, and since then the Law School has committed to training internationally-minded lawyers from around the world. As the world engages with China, our graduates are capable of providing clients with crucial legal services to make a seamless global transformation...

Program Overview

The Juris Master (LL.M.) in Chinese Law at Tsinghua is the first formal legal educational program ever offered in China for foreign law students and professionals.

As a country with rich cultural heritage and huge market capitalization, China is a leading destination of Foreign Direct Investment and one of the largest import/export countries worldwide. To ensure sustainable social economic progress, the country has established a complex legal infrastructure through enacting laws and regulations on a global scale.

The trend of globalization has allowed Chinese law to become a necessary knowledge for those who have business, culture, academic and political ambitions. To meet the increasing demand for understanding Chinese law, Tsinghua Law School proudly offers a Juris Master (LL.M.) in Chinese Law for non-Chinese speaking law students and legal professionals.

What is Tsinghua Juris Master (LL.M.) in Chinese Law?

  1. The first formal Juris Master (LL.M.) Degree program ever offered in China (since 2005) for foreign law students & lawyers taught in English;
  2. One-year program designed to enhance legal academic and practical foundation for international students, scholars and legal professionals;
  3. Best Chinese law professors invited to teach the program;
  4. Over 300 graduates from 35 countries with inspiring career accomplishments;
  5. Because of their joint background in domestic and Chinese law, graduates work in internatonal firms, courts and universities.

Why Tsinghua Chinese Law

  1. It offers core courses, elective courses, and practical opportunities to provide insights to legal rules and operations in the Chinese society
  2. It creates a good environment for interaction between international and Chinese students
  3. A mature platform that connects foreign students to domestic and international legal industries

Why Chinese Law

China is now the second largest economy and a major player in the world. In this process of rapid economic and social changes, Chinese law and its legal system instigates this smooth transition.

Chinese law becomes a necessary knowledge and instrument for those who have business, cultural, academic, and political encounters with China

Chinese legal system is not only a field of remarkable changes, but also the most important mechanism for facilitating this social transition

It explores new ways for promoting social and economic developments in the world

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