• Written by the Office of Global Communications, Tsinghua University, 11:06, December 21, 2021Listen to them telling stories from Tsinghua and ChinaComing from all over the worldWith different cultural backgroundIn Tsinghua UniversityA land of innovation and inclusionThey present the Tsinghua tradition of self-discipline and social commitmentAnd the booming Chinese societyTo the world arena They are ordinary students from TsinghuaAnd also Tsinghua people telling story of China to the worldThey ar
  • Chen Weizuo. [Photo/Xinhua]BEIJING-At 5:30 am every day, Chen Weizuo wakes up, showers and goes for a run before starting his busy day.He has followed the same routine for nearly 40 years.Chen, 53, is a professor at Tsinghua Universitys Law School and translator of the Chinese version of the German Civil Code. His 25-square-meter office is crammed with civil codes and legal documents from different countries, including Chinas newly adopted Civil Code, which has a bright red cover.Chinas Civil Co
  • The Global MOOC and Online Education Conference 2021 was successfully held online on December 9. The Conference was jointly hosted by the Global MOOC and Online Education Alliance and the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education (IITE), on the theme “Together for a Shared Future-Leading Higher Education Innovation in the New Digital Era.”
  • From October, maple leaves turned red, Osmanthus and chrysanthemums bloomed, and autumn descended in glorious glitter. In this golden season, to welcome Tsinghua alumni coming to the UK for further studies and development during the pandemic, the UK Tsinghua Association (UKTA) began to hold online orientation activities all over the UK in October 2021, as well offline activities in Cambridge, Oxford and London.Online orientation activities covered the whole UK. Senior alumni having been in the U

Why Tsinghua Chinese Law

  • 1.It offers core courses, elective courses, and practical opportunities to provide insights to legal rules and operations in the Chinese society
  • 2.It creates a good environment for interaction between international and Chinese students
  • 3.A mature platform that connects foreign students to domestic and international legal industries

Why Chinese Law

  • China is now the second largest economy and a major player in the world. In this process of rapid economic and social changes, Chinese law and its legal system instigates this smooth transition.  

    Chinese law becomes a necessary knowledge and instrument for those who have business, cultural, academic, and political encounters with China

    Chinese legal system is not only a field of remarkable changes, but also the most important mechanism for facilitating this social transition

    It explores new ways for promoting social and economic developments in the world